We had an amazing celebration of Reading Day on 19/06/2023 at Katungachira Lisieux TTI, organized by NIEDS. It was an event filled with inspiration and recognition of the profound impact reading has on our lives.

Adv. Thomas Unniyadan, former Government Chief Whip, shared his thoughts on the power of reading. He emphasized how reading influences our thoughts, shapes our preferences, and fuels our dreams. Moreover, he highlighted that reading fosters knowledge broadens our perspectives, and instills moral values.

The event was graced by the presence of College Principal Sister Sudeepa, who served as the guiding force throughout the celebration. We were honored to have the esteemed poet, Radhakrishnan, as our chief guest, lending his eloquence and wisdom to the occasion.

Several esteemed individuals also took the stage to share their insights on the significance of reading. Prof. R. Jayaram, Ghulam Mohammad, K.P. Devadas, P.K. Johnson, Thomas Karimali, Sheikh Dawood, Pt. George, and C.S. Abdul Haq all contributed their valuable perspectives on the transformative power of reading.

Reading is a gateway to knowledge, enlightenment, and personal growth. Let’s continue to embrace the joy of reading and cultivate a vibrant reading culture within our community!

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