A seminar that was conducted to commemorate the timeless relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s historic visit to Irinjalakuda, marking its 90th anniversary. The event was a significant part of the year-long celebration in honor of this momentous occasion.

Seminar Topic:
“Timeless Relevance of Gandhiji’s Visit”

Date and Location:
Date: October 31st, 2023
Location: Tharananellur Education Hall, situated near the Mahatma Gandhi Library in Irinjalakuda.

Distinguished Speakers:
We were honored to have Dr. Sunil P. Ilayidam as the esteemed speaker for this special event. Dr. Ilayidam is a renowned authority on Gandhian philosophy and history, making him the perfect choice to delve into the enduring significance of Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to Irinjalakuda.

Presiding Over the Function:
The event was presided over by the esteemed Adv. Thomas Unniyadan, whose commitment to social justice and profound understanding of Gandhian principles added a valuable perspective to the seminar.

The Seminar:
The seminar was held at the Tharananellur Education Hall, a fitting venue close to the Mahatma Gandhi Library, paying homage to the man whose ideals continue to inspire generations. The discussions were engaging and insightful, delving into how Gandhiji’s visit continues to influence our lives and society in myriad ways.

This event served as a tribute to the enduring impact of Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to Irinjalakuda, emphasizing the principles and values that continue to guide us, even 90 years later. It was a momentous occasion that brought together scholars, activists, and enthusiasts who share a deep appreciation for Gandhian philosophy and its relevance in today’s world.

We thank all the participants, speakers, and attendees for making this seminar a memorable and thought-provoking experience. It is a testament to the enduring legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and the timeless relevance of his ideals in our lives.

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